RR Pfister

Dr Roswell Pfister MD, MS, fARVO


Dr Pfister is an internationally known corneal and anterior ocular surgeon and diagnostician. He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the front of the eye including corneal, cataract, infectious and inflammatory conditions. This also includes refractive surgery and premium intraocular lenses and astigmatism control. He has devoted significant effort as a research scientist on a variety of disease topics and, among them,

is internationally recognized as an expert in chemical injuries of the eye. Dr Pfister brings an experts opinion to bear on common and rare disease entities to resolve difficult diagnostic or therapeutic problems by medical or surgical intervention. He has at his disposal the newest and most effective approaches to these diseases.


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Dr Sarah L Alvarez OD, PhD


Dr. Alvarez has been practicing with Dr. Pfister for 21 years. At Pfister Vision Correction Center she performs complete eye exams and has a special expertise in complex contact lens fitting (post refractive surgery, keratoconus, high astigmatism and therapeutic contact lenses). Dr. Alvarez completed her first doctorate thesis at University of California, Berkeley with Professor Irving Fatt, pioneer in engineering contact lens materials, where she investigated the wetting angle in contact lenses. She went to England for her second doctorate in visual psychophysics and electrodiagnosis at the University of Manchester.

She worked with Professors P.E. King-Smith, Janusz Kulikowski and J.R. Cronley-Dillon in of the early detection of Optic Nerve disorders and how nerve disorders effect the eye. She has lectured in both Europe and the USA . She is Assistant Clinical Professor in the department of Visual Sciences at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. She has served as a consultant for several research centers, monitoring the clinical eye side-effects of pharmaceutical agents. Her avocation is dancing and she teaches and performs Argentine Tango in Birmingham and around the world